Vitex Pharmaceuticals

Vitex Pharmaceuticals is a leader and innovator in the manufacturing and packaging of Australian-made, high quality and efficacious therapeutic goods.

Having built a reputation for excellence in quality, operational reliability, and integrity and innovation of products and services, Vitex is well positioned to deliver meaningful and sustainable long-term value for our partners around the world

The Meaning of 'Vitex'

Vitex agnus castus is a herb that grows naturally in Asia.

The fruit of the Vitex plant appears after whorls of violet flowers. The harvested ripe fruit are hard and have an aromatic odour and are rich in alkaloids, primarily viticin. There are also several flavonoids present (flavonol, penduletin and chrysophanol), essential fatty acids, amino acids (glycine, alanine, valine and leucine), natural oils and vitamins. Its rich source of natural nutrients has seen it in numerous herbal treatments.

Vitex , like the Vitex plant, is versatile and dedicated to nurturing and promoting healthy life.

Golden Life Food Supplements

Food supplements continue to be a popular healthcare choice with the general public not only for health maintenance and well-being, minor ailments (e.g. coughs and colds), chronic conditions (e.g. back pain) and serious chronic diseases (e.g. asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes); but also for the enhancement of vital physiological processes such as the use of Ginkgo biloba for the improvement of memory retention.

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