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Zinc plus Vitamin C

Vitamin C and zinc have many health benefits. The combination is a powerful antioxidant; protects our body against free radicals.


Boost immune system & Protection against Colds

Vitamin C and zinc play important roles in immune defense and maintenance of health. They may reduce the severity & duration of cold and protect against viral infections.

Keep healthy Skin, hair, bone and teeth

This formula is beneficial to maintain the structural integrity of the skin, hair and gum and keep maintenance of bone and teeth. It also helps to treat acne.


Wound healing

Vitamin C is needed to form collagen. Zinc is also needed for the formation and maintenance of the skin and mucous membranes.


Blood sugar control in Diabetics

Recent studies demonstrate that Zinc supplementation has beneficial effects on glycemic control and promotes healthy lipid parameters in diabetic patients. It plays a critical role in insulin storage. People with diabetes frequently have lower levels of zinc. Vitamin C also prevents blood vessel damage in patients with poor glucose control.


Enhance iron absorption and red blood cell formation.

Vitamin C enhances iron absorption.


Product information


Presentation: 100 film coated tables in PE bottle

Administration: Oral, take one tablets daily with meal

Caution: Pregnant or lactating women should consult a physician before use.


Storage: In a cool & dry place below 25° C.




 Nutritional fact table

Composition per tablet *RDA%
Zn (Zinc gluconate) 15 mg 100
Vitamin C 100 mg 111
* RDA= Recommended daily allowance
mg =milligram